No GMOs here, mate!

At Old Croc, our commitment to excellence starts with every non-GMO* ingredient that goes into our delicious cheeses. With no artificial or genetically modified ingredients, you know you're nourishing your body purely, without compromising taste.

Old Croc is a leader in supporting the consumer's right to choose safe, healthy non-GMO foods. Everyone has the right to know and trust what they are eating. With every ingredient being certified from producers as free of GMOs, Old Croc cheese lovers can be certain they are consuming a product that has been produced following strict standards for GMO avoidance.

Old Croc Cheddar cheeses are all natural and crafted from pure Australian milk from grass-fed cows. The Old Croc cows graze from rich pasture grass, which improves the nutritional quality of the cheese and makes the cheese richer in omega-3 fats, vitamin E, and CLA (a beneficial fatty acid named "conjugated linoleic acid").

Along with being a healthier, all-natural brand of cheese, Old Croc Cheddars are satisfyingly delicious. With a distinguished flavor characteristic of the vivacious and bold spirit of the Australian outback, each enjoyable bite of Old Croc cheese captures the time-honored tradition of Australian dairy pride. As always, we are the cheese you can feel good about feeding your family.

*Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are organisms whose genetic makeup has been modified through DNA methods like gene splicing, gene modification or transgenic technology.