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10 Wild Facts About Australia

The Land Down Under welcomes those who want to live life on the wild side… there’s no shortage of adventure to be found! In addition to extreme weather, stunning geography, and dangerous wildlife, the fun-loving, risk-taking Aussies themselves make this continent one of the wildest. Think we’re exaggerating? Read on, mates…

  1. Beach after beach after beach: With 10,685 beaches–according to a count by the University of Australia–you’ve got heaps of places to go for sand, surf, and sunshine. If you wanted to see all of ‘em, you’d need to hit a different beach every day for over 29 years!


  1. Beaches aren’t the only thing you’ll find in quantity in Australia… the Aussies also share their continent with 21 of the world’s 25 most venomous snakes!


  1. As if being Prime Minister wasn’t notoriety enough, Australia’s 23rd Prime Minister holds the world record for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds back in 1954! That’s some Aussie-style record breaking!


  1. Cheers to the cask! Boxed wine, aka the ‘goon bag’ or ‘chateau de cardboard’ was developed to make wine drinking on-the-go easier, and it’s still popular today. In fact, one in three glasses of wine drank Down Under come from one of these!


  1. Aussies mastered the “flash mob,” way back when. An Australian flash mob dating back to 1832 involved 300 women simultaneously mooning the governor of Tasmania!


  1. Australia is home to the oldest fossil (3.4 billion years) and was once populated by ‘megafauna’… meaning ducks the size of horses, and kangaroos over 9 feet tall. Crikey!


  1. There are three times more sheep than people living in Australia. (Thankfully, they’re normal sized sheep!)


  1. Don’t call ‘em cookies: Anzac Biscuits are a popular snack in Australia, but if you’re making or selling the sweet, crispy oat biscuits, you’d better not call them a cookie: it’s the law.


  1. …so you might think ‘hot and dry’ when you think of Australia, but the continent also sees extreme snow, too! The Australian Alps get more snow each year than The Alps in Europe do.


  1. We’ve got cheddar on the brain, but architect Jørn Utzon was eating an orange when he was inspired to design the Sydney Opera House. (Put all the sails together and they’d form a sphere!)

Australia is a land like no other!
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