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5 Unique Foods To Pair With Cheddar

Cheddar may be one of the world’s favorite cheeses for its sharp taste and robust flavor, but it’s also incredibly versatile to pair with other food favorites. Instead of the typical “meat and cheese” platters served at every party, switch it up and pair one of Old Croc’s unique cheddar cheeses with an equally unique food choice that emphasizes its flavors. 

Here are five delicious ingredients to enjoy with your next slice of Old Croc cheddar. 

Unique dried fruits

Together, Old Croc’s Sharp Cheddar and dried fruit create an irresistible sweet and savory blend with a perfect mix of smooth and chewy textures. Apples and cheddar are a great team that can offer different flavor profiles depending on the variety of apple you choose. Pairing a Granny Smith apple gives you a creamy, smooth, and tart blend. While combining a Fuji apple, cheddar, and a bit of honey is a sharp and sweet delight.

For a sweeter and juicier taste, combine cheddar with dried pears. The duo has a similar taste to an apple plate; however, pears typically have a sweeter flavor and a softer texture.

Cheddar also works well with these unique dried fruits, adding crunch to the cheese’s creamy texture. Dried figs and dates, pineapples, and mangos all pair well with cheddar, adding a Mediterranean and island flair. Smaller dried fruits, such as tart cherries and apricots, pair perfectly with both cheddar and nuts, too.  Combine everything in a small container for an on-the-go healthy trail mix.

Brown bread

Cheese is best when paired with hearty bread or crackers. Wheat bread is a great match for the big bold taste of our cheddars. The rich, robust flavor and granular texture of our Extra Sharp Cheddar tastes divine on a toasted piece of brown, seeded or oat bread.

In addition to savory breads, try plating cheddar with sweet breads, such as date nut bread or cinnamon raisin bread. Shred our Sharp Cheddar on a piece of cranberry walnut bread and toast in the oven until crispy. The sweet and salty combination of cheddar and sweet breads is divine and a perfectly filling snack in the middle of the day.  

Tangy pickles

Pickles are hugely popular these days and always a staple on any good charcuterie board. To create a perfect duo, combine any of our tasty Cheddars with a tangy pickle, such as dill or bread and butter, gherkins or cornichons. For a standout board, plate our cheddars with some of the most popular pickle trends, like spicy Habanero pickles or garlic pickles. These unexpected pairings go seamlessly with the smooth cheddar for a memorable taste. 

Pumpkin pasta

Cheddar is required for any mac and cheese recipe, but to break away from the traditional and try something you and your guests will love, make a pumpkin mac and cheese. The most comforting meal on a fall day, this mac and cheese combines pumpkin and Smoked Sharp Cheddar to create a savory meal. The recipe is quick and straightforward and can be ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. This meal is a must for anyone who loves the sweet, nutty flavor of pumpkin and wants to extend their cheese admiration beyond the appetizer course. 

Intensely dark chocolate

It doesn’t get better than chocolate and cheese! The rich, bitterness of dark chocolate deserves a cheddar that can match its desirable flavor. Old Croc’s acclaimed Grand Reserve Cheddar is its perfect partner. Aged for two years, this cheddar has a rich flavor with some extra crunch. When choosing the perfect chocolate match that stands up to Grand Reserve, think 70% cacao and higher, intensely dark and packed with healthy benefits. Together with dark chocolate, the duo creates a milky and savory blend that’s hard to turn down. 

Interested in trying out one of these pairings for yourself? There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy all of our Old Croc cheeses. Find your favorite cheese on our products page and get your snack on!