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Cheddar Lover’s Love Old Croc

What makes Old Croc the best choice for people who love cheddar cheese? Read on to discover why the taste, attributes, varieties, and ingredients make our cheese the best for cheddar lovers.


Each variety of Old Croc Cheddar is carefully aged. The longer the aging process, the bolder the bite. Our Medium Cheddar has a smooth profile and a rich, pure cheddar flavor after being aged for over three months. Our Grand Reserve Cheddar, on the other hand, is aged for two years making for a bold bite with crunchy ‘cheese crystals.’ 

All Old Croc’s Cheddar cheeses are versatile enough to be used in all of your favorite recipes. From crispy tacos with our smoked cheddar to a flatbread pizza that needs an extra bite, Old Croc Cheddar adds mouth-watering flavors to any dish. 


The most important ingredient in high-quality cheese? Milk, of course! That’s why we use milk from our grass-fed, hormone-free cows, which has more benefits than cows fed with conventional grain. Grass-fed means the cows are constantly receiving a natural diet of grass and forage-based feed. 

We take it a step further by ensuring our cows are grazing in lush, Australian pastures all day long. The cow’s diet of nutrient-rich grass has been perfected over the years, helping the cows naturally produce more milk while optimizing the milking process. Steroidal hormones are also banned from dairy farming in Australia, making our cheese a natural, healthy, and delicious way to receive key vitamins and minerals.Attributes

Thanks to the milk from grass-fed cows, our cheddar cheeses boast a variety of health benefits including a high amount of omega-3 fats, vitamins such as vitamin E, and a beneficial fatty acid known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Our cheddars also feature those crunchy crystals, often called “flavor crystals” by cheese enthusiasts. As our cheddar is aged, the starting bacteria breaks down the lactose in milk into lactic acid which is combined with calcium to create calcium lactate. This then forms those crystals that provide an explosion of flavor. 


Old Croc varieties ranging from the boldest bite to medium.

  • Grand Reserve Cheddar. Our longest-aged cheddar, at 2+ years, Grand Reserve Cheddar has an extra sharp flavor that is both creamy and crumbly with crunchy crystals throughout for a unique texture. Serve Grand Reserve with dried fruit, sizzling smoked sausage, and warm, crusty bread. 
  • Extra Sharp Cheddar. With its firm body and extra bold bite, Old Croc’s Extra Sharp Cheddar has been aged over 18 months to create an authentic, crumbly texture. Extra Sharp Cheddar pairs perfectly with Granny Smith apples and multigrain crackers. Enjoy with a brown ale or Shiraz. 
  • Sharp Cheddar. If you’re in the mood for a classic, try our Sharp Cheddar, aged 12+ months, featuring a bold and nutty flavor that’s perfect for melting or shredding on your favorite dishes. Pair with a semi-sweet Pale Ale or Sauvignon Blanc and serve with Bosc pear slices and water crackers. 
  • Smoked Sharp Cheddar. Pair this deliciously sharp and smoky cheddar with a full-bodied Cabernet, Red Zinfandel, or Merlot. This cheddar features smoky undertones from apple trees that go great with smoked meat and toasted nuts.
  • Medium Cheddar. Old Croc’s Medium Cheddar is carefully aged for at least three months and has a true, cheddar flavor the whole family will love. The smooth and creamy texture makes this variety ideal for slicing and melting on burgers or grilled cheese.

We also offer unique flavored cheddars, such as:

  • Bacon & Jalapeño:  We amped up our Australian Aged Cheddar by blending it with real bacon and jalapeños. Eat this cheddar with stout or a medium Red Zinfandel. Top flatbreads, chili, or even scrambled eggs with this meltable cheese for an extra kick!
  • Roasted Garlic & Herb: Real roasted garlic and earthy herbs are added to our Australian Aged Cheddar.  It’s perfectly paired with Golden Delicious apple slices and nuts alongside a Merlot or semi-sweet Pale Ale.

Are you a cheddar lover who’s ready to explore our cheddar varieties for yourself? Take a look at our products page to find the perfect cheddar pairing for your next meal.