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Cheers to Cheddar: Quick & Easy Beer Pairing Tips

Beer and cheese taste great together; they’re a refreshing pairing that are snack time go-to’s. There’s nothing better than cracking open a cold beer while slicing off hunks of bold, delicious cheese. Though your favorite brew will always hit the spot, take your snacking to the next level with a beer that complements the type of cheddar you’re enjoying. It’s all about complimenting the flavor (something bold with something bold), or contrasting (think: crisp with creamy.) Check out these suggestions:

Sharp Cheddar

The bold flavor profile of a sharp cheddar needs a brew that can stand up to it! Citrusy beers like a Saison, or hoppy beers with a touch of bitterness, like IPAs, make the perfect pair for rich, sharp cheddars because they have crispness that cuts through the creamy texture of the cheddar.

Extra Sharp Cheddar

More aging = more bite! This calls for a brew with equal punch, like more an IPA with even more hoppiness, but this cheese also loves a beer that contrasts its bold flavor. Try something sweet alongside the tangy bite of our Extra Sharp Cheddar by pairing your cheese with a hard cider, or a smooth, nutty brown ale.

Smoked Sharp Cheddar

Go smoky with smoky: try a Porter or a Stout that has a malty, rich body that compliments the smoky, creamy cheese. A Belgian Dubbel also brings a rich body but adds fruity notes that pair well with the Applewood Smoked cheese.

Flavored Sharp Cheddars

◊ Spicy: Bacon & Jalapeño & Horseradish

IPAs are a mean match for the spicy, peppery flavors of the Bacon & Jalapeño Cheddar or Horseradish Cheddar, thanks to the spiciness of the hops.


◊ Smoky: Chipotle & Onion

Once again, we like smoky beer for this cheese, which has smoky Chipotle and savory onion flavors. A Porter, Stout complements the smoky heat of the pepper.


◊ Mild: Garlic & Herb

The zesty Garlic & Herb flavored cheddar pairs well with a light and refreshing beer that still brings some spice, like a Pale Ale.

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