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Our Cheesemaking Process: How Old Croc Cheddars Get Their Bold Bite 

Here at Old Croc, we pride ourselves on creating natural, non-GMO cheese that reflects the spirit of the Australian outback. Our unique cheddars are crafted from grass-fed cow’s milk, then aged to perfection for a sharp and distinguished taste.

But how exactly do we pack all that flavor into our cheeses? Read on to discover our cheesemaking process, which follows the time-honored traditions and values of Australian dairy farming to give you our signature bold “bite.”

Grass Fed Milk Cheddar Cheese

Old-world dairy traditions

Great cheese starts with great milk, and that all starts with the way we raise our cows. Cows in America are largely “paddock-raised” – living and grazing in small fields or enclosures. Our Australian cows, however, are truly pasture-raised, free-grazing on lush, green grass all day long.

It’s important to note that the use of steroidal hormones is strictly prohibited in Australian dairy farming. Furthermore, our blend of grasses is a nutrient-rich, non-GMO mix that our dairy farmers have developed and perfected over time. This mix helps our cows naturally produce higher quantities of milk, while also making the milking process easier. It also leads to milk that brings direct health benefits to our customers.

The benefits of grass-fed milk

Grass-fed milk comes from grass-fed cows like ours, and it boasts a range of nutritional benefits for consumers. Grass-fed milk offers higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk does, with an omega-6/omega-3 ratio of nearly 1:1.

Consuming too much omega-6 and too little omega-3 both increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Our grass-fed milk offers a more balanced ratio of fatty acids and decreases the risk of these diseases. It also contains higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, than conventional milk. CLA is correlated with protection from diabetes, heart disease, and colorectal and breast cancer. You only need three servings of grass-fed milk per day to reach 75%-100% of the daily recommended intake.

Learn more about our grass-fed cheeses here.

Getting cultured

When our cows are ready for milking, our dairy farmers call them in from their pastures to a special milking parlor. The milk is collected and transported to our Australia factory to become Old Croc cheese.

We use a special mix of cultures and enzymes to create our distinctive cheddars, which work over time to age and give flavor to the cheese. Cultures are isolated strains of bacteria that are combined to give cheese its taste.

We use more cultures than the average cheesemaker to create our Old Croc signature flavor – nutty and sharp with a nice bite. 

Aging and grading

Once the cultures have been added, our aging process begins. Old Croc implements a thorough “affinage” process, which refers to caring for our cheese as it ages. We monitor the temperature and environment carefully throughout the process to ensure each cheddar is aged to perfection.

We grade our finished cheeses three times in total to ensure a top-quality product. First, a championship cheese judge goes through the grading regimen twice – once when it’s made, and again at the three-month mark.

If it passes both times, the cheese is then shipped from Australia to the United States for its final assessment. Ken Meyers, President and CEO of Trugman-Nash (the makers of Old Croc), is there to personally grade the cheese alongside a world-renowned cheese grader evaluating every batch. When the product passes its third grading, it is ready to be packaged and shipped to stores for our customers to enjoy.

Old Croc’s highest level of cheese is our Grand Reserve, which is aged for a minimum of two years. It boasts a rich and extra-sharp flavor and a creamy yet crumbly texture. It’s important to note that the age of a cheese isn’t the primary factor in our grading process – it’s all about the flavor profile of the cheese.

Cheese is like a fine wine. While the same core ingredients are used in each batch, the end product can change from season to season, lot to lot, and vat to vat. That’s why Old Croc grades its cheeses one at a time: to ensure the best flavor possible, every single time.

The best of the Outback

From start to finish, Old Croc’s thoughtful and meticulous cheesemaking process is designed to create the best and boldest flavors of the Australian outback. With the purest milk from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows, a unique mix of cultures, and a thorough aging and grading process, our cheese delivers a distinctive “bite” that we’re proud to share with you.

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