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How to build a Nosh Board for your next party

In search of a cheese board that will stop your party guests in their tracks? Give them everything they want, all on one platter! Building a show stopping nosh board is easy to do, once you know what to load it up with. Here’s our step by step guide on how to put one together for your next party.

Start with the centerpiece – your cheese!
This one’s an obvious step in building a cheese board, but it takes a little planning. How many varieties? How to slice ‘em up? Try pairing a classic like our Sharp Cheddar with a cheese that offers a different flavor profile, like our Smoked Sharp Cheddar, or one of our flavored cheeses, like Roasted Garlic & Herb, our savory Chipotle & Onion, tangy Horseradish, or crowd-pleasing Bacon & Jalapeño. You can cut them into cubes, chop them into chunks, or slice half of the block, leaving the rest unsliced (but giving guests an idea of how to slice the next piece.)

Think color, shape, and texture
You’re creating a masterpiece, so think like an artist! What colors catch your eye? Bright fruits like strawberries or blueberries, veggies like pepper strips or carrot sticks, or even your favorite bright-orange snack from the junk food aisle can add a visual ‘pop’ to your board. Next, consider the shapes and sizes of your ingredients. Chunks of cheddar next to pita wedges, with a handful of roasted nuts tucked in between–it’s an easy way to move people’s eyes around the board, giving them more delicious things to discover as they go. Finally, think texture: creamy, crunchy, soft, crispy…

Please their palettes
You don’t need to be a cheese pairing genius, just think about what you like to eat with your cheddar! We’re talkin’ juicy slices of apple, crunchy crackers, a sweet jammy spread, salty nuts or meats…your guests will be able to create their own pairing bites from the variety on your board.

Add the unexpected
Dress your nosh board up with some flair! Break the rules in the name of snacking. Summer party? Dress it up with edible flowers. Making a board in the fall? Think gingersnaps or even Halloween candy, like our friends @MK_Plates did in theirs, pictured above!

Think outside the platter…
Shake up your presentation by skipping the platter in favor of something themed or just unusual! A basket, a square tray, a bakery box, a pizza box. Rather than a home goods store, head to a craft store or grab something unusual from around the house.

…and load it up
More is always better when it comes to cheese, right? Right! Pile your board high and deep, and try to fill every inch! Scatter items in pockets around your board, and let your guests dig in!