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Proudly Crafted. Purely Australian.

A Cheese As Spirited As The Land It Comes From.

The time-honored tradition of Australian dairy dates back to 1788 when two bulls and seven cows were boarded onto ships heading for Australia. Story has it that, upon arrival, all nine cattle escaped into the bush. It wasn’t until about six or seven years later that early colonizers discovered the lost cattle had survived and grown into a herd of about sixty! 
Thus, the legacy of Australian dairy farming was born.

Australia is a land like no other. Its geographic isolation has meant that much of its flora and fauna is very different from species in other parts of the world. High rainfall, fertile soil and lush, green pastures encourage dairy farming in Australia. All Old Croc all-natural cheeses are Non-GMO and crafted with pure Australian milk from cows that graze on these rich pastures.

Old Croc proudly reflects the vibrant, bold, adventurous spirit characteristic of Australia and its people. A land where they live life to the fullest; enjoying an active, fun-loving, healthy lifestyle…with good food, good drink and good friends.

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Grass-Fed Cows, Mates!

Crafted with milk from grass-fed cows, Old Croc Cheddar is all natural and made with non-GMO ingredients. The Old Croc cows graze from rich pasture grass, which improves the nutritional quality of the cheese and makes the cheese richer in omega-3 fats, vitamin E, and CLA (a beneficial fatty acid named “conjugated linoleic acid”).

Along with being a healthier, all-natural brand of cheese, Old Croc Cheddars are satisfyingly delicious. With a distinguished flavor characteristic of the vivacious and bold spirit of the Australian outback, each enjoyable bite of Old Croc cheese captures the time-honored tradition of Australian dairy pride.

*The Australian dairy industry prides itself on the safety and quality of the dairy it delivers. 
The use of steroidal hormones is prohibited in dairy farming in Australia.

**Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are organisms whose genetic makeup has been modified through DNA methods like gene splicing, gene modification or transgenic technology.